Stokes Wagner recommends that you review and update your employee handbooks annually. Below is a list of policies and procedures for you to consider adding in your respective employee handbooks (each policy is only a recommendation, unless specified otherwise):

  1. Drug Testing / Alcohol and Drugs in the Workplace Policy. Specify whether marijuana (recreational and/or medicinal) is prohibited in the workplace.

  2. Employee’s Day of Rest. Non-exempt and exempt employees are entitled to one day (or 24 hours) of rest per workweek unless the employee works consistent shifts of 6 hours or less.

  3. Discrimination & Harassment, Sexual Harassment Policies. A stand-alone policy with its own acknowledgment form is required for all employers. This policy should be revised to include an employee’s right to a harassment-free workplace based on an employee’s gender, LGBQT status, gender identity, or gender expression.

  4. Grooming Standards Policies. Employers may not require employees to dress in a manner that does not conform with the employee’s gender identity or expression.

  5. Paid Sick Leave (“PSL”). Review PSL policies to ensure compliance with local and/or state regulations.

  6. Protected Leave for Victims of Domestic Violence, Assault, Stalking (A separate flyer/notice to current employees and new employees upon hire is required)

  7. California Parental Leave Act (only applies to employers with 20-49 employees)

  8. **Addressing Violence and Weapons in the Workplace **
  9. Hiring Practices. An employer may not ask or consider an applicant’s gender or prior salary in hiring decisions. This is not necessary for the employee handbook but should be considered when auditing your new hire packet.

  10. Lactation in the Workplace (This policy is required for San Francisco employers)

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