In the wake of the recent Las Vegas shooting and the rise of the #MeToo movement, concerns about safety in the hospitality space are at an all-time high. The American Hotel & Lodging Association (“AHLA”) recently re-emphasized its dedication to these issues through its announcement of the 5-Star Promise in September 2018. Most notably, major hotel brands including Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Marriott, and Wyndham, have publicly shown their support for the Promise and its goals.

In committing to the 5-Star Promise, these major players in the hospitality space have pledged to provide hotel employees with employee safety devices and enhance existing policies, trainings, and resources that are dedicated to preventing and responding to sexual harassment and assault. The key provisions of the Promise include:

  1. Industry-wide training and materials on safety and security;
  2. Mandatory anti-sexual harassment policies in multiple languages;
  3. On-going training and education on identifying and reporting sexual harassment;
  4. Employee safety devices for U.S. hotel employees; and
  5. Vital partnerships with national organizations that target sexual violence, sexual assault, and trafficking and promote workplace safety.

The AHLA has created a taskforce specifically dedicated to creating a way to implement the 5-Star Promise in hotels around the country. Given the industry’s dedication to this new initiative, hospitality employers will likely be encouraged to incorporate the Promise into its operations. To learn more about the 5-Star Promise and how to make these changes on your property, visit the AHLA’s website and contact the Stokes Wagner.

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